TTXGP to Support ALMS New International EV Racing Series

January 12, 2012

TTXGP to Support ALMS
New International EV Racing Series

Electric motorcycle race organization TTXGP is supporting a new international electric vehicle racing series being organized by the American Le Mans Series, the International Motor Sport Association and sustainability project group Quimera.

The new series will feature several different racing categories, including TTXGP motorcycle racing. The project, a joint venture between the ALMS, the IMSA and Quimera, is preparing for a 2013 launch.

The new series will expected to debut only in the U.S. alongside ALMS events, with plans to expand to other countries with international promoters and governing bodies. Quimera will showcase its (claimed) 700hp All-Electric GT electric supercar (pictured below) at select ALMS events in 2012.

“Electric motor sport represents an opportunity to drive innovation beyond the technology. We have to look at the delivery and fabric of how we provide for the sport,” says Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder. “Nobody is immune to the tremendous socioeconomic and geo-political forces at work around us today. Nothing stays the same, and nor can we. This partnership is part of our shared vision for the next generation of motor sport. We invite you all to be part of it.”

In addition to TTXGP motorcycle racing, the series is considering the following race categories:

- AEGT: a class featuring the Quimera AEGT with powertrains up to 600kw and cars using carbon fiber chassis;
- Touring GT: open to different OEMs, a category featuring cars with powertrains up to 350kw with carbon or tubular chassis;
- F3: an open-wheel category with single-seat racecars using powertrains up to 250kw and carbon fiber chassis;
- Le Mans Prototype: an electric version of ALMS’ LMP category; and
- Drifting: a drift racing category using cars with powertrains up to 250 kW and based on the All-Electric Drift Car (AEDC01) prototype being developed by Quimera and K1 Evelio creator Alex Letteriello.

Source:, By: Dennis Chung

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