Lightning Strikes the Chicane...

February 8, 2013

Lightning Strikes
the Chicane...

In this very special episode we have the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Javier de Rocafort of the Quimera Project.

We are honored to bring you our listeners this fantastic forward thinking vision of a powerful new racing spec, with implications far reaching in our day to day lives.

The Quimera AEGT churns out a ground pounding 700hp and uses zero fuel, we'll find out how... We very much hope you enjoy this captivating interview. As always we'll have some auto news from around the globe, your favorite Gorilla Steve's Mail Run, and a special surprise "blast from the past". East Coast Doug delivers some timely automotive maintenance tips, and an update on projects including the Track Attack S2K. Grab your portable speakers and take cover, a storm is on the way. 


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