Series considered for Aspid SS

January 10, 2013

Series considered
for Aspid SS

A one-make series for the new carbon-neutral Aspid SS sportscar, which runs on fully-synthetic fuel, is a possibility, according to leading figures behind the machine.

Spanish firm Quimera, the automotive market leader in sustainable technology, has joined forces with IFR Automotive and Air Fuel Synthesis to make the project a reality.

News of the 780kg sportscar, which produces 450bhp from its two-litre engine, was announced at AUTOSPORT International on Thursday.

When asked on the AUTOSPORT Stage with KX about the possibility of a one-make series for the car, Peter Harrison of AFS said: “I think that’s something we might do.”

Quimera, which is also behind the all-electric Altran GT car, plans to test the Aspid extensively at the historic Sitges circuit in Spain, which it bought recently.

Quimera chairman Javier de Rocarfort said that utilising alternative fuels in motor racing was essential for the long-term sustainability of the sport.

“We love racing, so we’re not coming from a critical position,” he said. “We’re not just some bunch butterfly-lickers who want to spoil everyones’ fun.

“We’re using racing because we believe it’s the best test-bed platform in the world.

“If this technology can stand motorsport, it can stand taking the kids to school or doing the shopping.”


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