January 10, 2013

Quimera and AFS keep on fueling
sustainable Motorsport

Sustainable technology market leaders Quimera will head development of the revolutionary new Aspid SS sports car project, announced at Autosport International, Europe's largest motorsport show.

The pioneering Spanish organisation has joined forces with IFR Automotive and Air Fuel Synthesis on the dynamic concept, which offers an unmatched combination of sustainable everyday motoring and race track performance.

The project is the first between Quimera and Air Fuel Synthesis in a newly-formed partnership to bring carbon neutral motorsport into the global arena.

The lightweight, 780kg sports car is powered by a 2.0-litre compression engine producing 450bhp, and capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in just 2.6 seconds.

Alongside the existing Quimera-Altran All Electric Grand Formula racing car project, development work on the Aspid SS will be undertaken at Barcelona's Circuit of Terramar. In a major breakthrough for sustainable engineering, a consortium led by Quimera and Altran has acquired the venue, the world's oldest race circuit still in its original form, dating back to 1923.

The Quimera group consists of 80 companies from around the world, providing complete sustainable engineering solutions.

"This is yet another proud moment for Quimera, we have reached the point we've been seeking for three years now," said Javier de Rocafort, Quimera Chairman. "We've got amazing partners and we are particularly excited about having AFS on board, with the potential their innovative fuel solution has for the automotive industry and of course for the future of motorsport."

Based in Teeside, UK, Air Fuel Synthesis produces completely sustainable fuel solutions, capturing C02 and water from air and converting it into a fuel to burn in conventional internal combustion engines.

"Air Fuel Synthesis is very excited to be in partnership with this Quimera project," said Peter Harrison, AFS CEO. "Carbon neutral racing fuels from Air Fuel Synthesis combined with Quimera's innovative approach to motorsports will accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future for all aspects of motoring and motor racing."

For further information, visit www.quimera-project.com and www.airfuelsynthesis.com

Contact details:
Quimera: Cristina Besseghini, Tel: +34 93 209 46 79
AFS: Peter Harrison, Tel: +44 1325 247910

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