AEDC – The All Electric Drift Car. A new member of the Non Fossil Fueled Race Series’ fleet. The next generation of sustainable motor sport.
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The AEDC is a prototype developed by Quimera and Alex Letteriello. It is a full electric car designed to race in drifting competitions and it complies with all safety regulations.

The car will be racing in the first non fossil fueled Motor Sport Championship, organized by Quimera, Formula Drift, the International Motor Sport Association (IMSA) and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

Launched in July 2011 at Goodwood Festival of Speed, the AEDC is a British built electric Supercar. The master mind behind the project is Alex Letteriello and his small and dedicated team based in Andover, Hampshire.


The AEDC offers an instantaneous surge of electric power giving a 0-60mph of 3.2 seconds, making it one of the fastest electric vehicles, and indeed cars, on the planet.


Due to the chemistry make up the batteries are much safer with no thermal runaway and a re-charge time of approx 1 hour, with 80% charge

in 20 minutes (with a 30amp socket). With a hand built finish, the exterior of the car is sleek and eye catching in a silver white metallic pearl paint with matt black and red detailing.


The car is powered by super charged lithium iron phosphate batteries with an average range of 150 miles before re- charging.


What also makes the AEDC unique is its Vehicle- to-Grid technology that creates clean and efficient electric powered transportation by allowing electric vehicles to power and to be powered by the grid.

AEDC Technology










Lithium Iron Phosphate



Currently limited to 95mph/ Expected 170mph 0-60 TIME: 3.2 seconds



150 miles



20 minutes to 80% / 1 hour to 100% with a 30amp socket Co2



Zero at tailpipe



Tubular Steel